A fair price for a valuable service

testWe are committed to offering a fair price which makes your SEO efforts affordable and effective. Each test will cost £2 plus 1p per link matched. If a link does not match, we do not charge for it.
Any test with less than 50 urls is free.

Fuzzy Cost

per test + 1p per matched link

Fuzzy Features

  • Process as many links as you like - Pay as you go
  • Additional link meta data returned with matches
  • Custom keywords to help matching of URLs
  • Unlimited projects
  • Returns any unmatched links
  • Direct and fuzzy work matching
  • Word stemming (COMING SOON)
  • Custom synonym matching (COMING SOON)
  • Website link crawler (COMING SOON)
  • Unlimited user accounts
Best Match
  • Uses a keyword ranking algorithm and matches words with identical spelling
  • The less frequently words appear within new URL datasets, the more accurate the matches against them
  • This is the fastest match available and once started normally completes in less than 10 seconds per 1,000 URLs.
Fuzzy Match
  • Allows for a certain percentage of misspelling between the word being searched and any potential matches
  • The longer the word being matched, the more of a spelling difference we can allow between old and new
  • Once started, Fuzzy Matching normally completes in less than two minutes per 1,000 URLs
Custom Data
  • Add your own custom data to your dataset in order to improve the likelihood of an accurate match
  • Choose to include internal ID numbers, SKU codes, database IDs, meta titles or any other data which will assist accurate matching
  • No one knows your website better than you, so choose the most unique data to match by
Accompanying metadata
  • Choose your own custom meta data to pass along with your URLs
  • This metadata will not be used as part of the matching process, ensuring it doesn't skew your results
  • Guarantee that the data which is most important to you gets passed along to your new set of URLs
Word Stemming (Coming Soon)
  • By reducing inflected words to their original root words, we can improve matching where appropriate
  • We have several different methods of doing this, so watch this space to find out more
  • An example of our word stemming would be matching words such as Bike/Biking/Biked to the word Bike
Custom Synonym Matching (Coming Soon)
  • Your business may have its own language, so we provide the opportunity for you to include your own custom synonyms
  • Create your own dictionary of matching words in order to aid us in finding a more accurate match
  • Continuously customise your dictionary to ensure we are providing the most up to date matches possible
Website Link Crawler (Coming Soon)
  • Not sure where to get a list of your URLs from? Our website link crawler can get it for you
  • Simply hit the button and we will crawl the entire website, pulling off all of your URLs ready to be matched
  • Complete the whole process with ease and use your new list of URLs to create your list of redirects