Automate Your Redirects

A tool to strengthen your marketing efforts

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Match url datasets

Match the URLS from your current site to your new site


Add metadata to each url

Pass your own parameters with each url to aid your developers


Add custom data

Need custom data to help matching? Add them in the CSV


Fuzzy matching

Our algorithm caters for slight word changes and spelling mistakes

Improve your efficiency

Saving you valuable time at an affordable price

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Fuzzy in a nutshell

FuzzySEO allows you to quickly match your old URL sets to your new URL sets, therefore automatically creating your website redirect list for you.

Pricing is simple, just £2 per test + 1p per each matched link.
If a link does not find a match, you won't be charged for that link.
Any test with less than 50 urls is free.

Fuzzy Cost

per test + 1p per matched link

Fuzzy Features

  • Process as many links as you like - Pay as you go
  • Additional link meta data returned with matches
  • Custom keywords to help matching of URLs
  • Unlimited projects
  • Returns any unmatched links
  • Direct and fuzzy work matching
  • Word stemming (COMING SOON)
  • Custom synonym matching (COMING SOON)
  • Website link crawler (COMING SOON)
  • Unlimited user accounts


Total links matched



Total links processed



Seconds a test takes on average



Hours marketeers saved using this tool (based on a marketeer taking 10 seconds to do a single url match)